Programmer/Analyst, Level 2


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The Programmer/Analyst level 2 tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Implement software solutions based on recommendations from the team members;
2. Validate, through various tests, that software meets the approved specifications and ensure that they are designed and assembled within operational and technical constraints;
3. Test performance measurement and acceptance of software against targets;
4. Provide support in the integration of software within a system.
5. Create and modify code and software.
6. Create and modify screens and reports.
7. Gather and analyze data for the conduct of studies to establish the technical and economic feasibility of proposed computer systems, and for the development of functional and system design specifications.
8. Develop, test and implement small computer systems, and sub-systems of larger systems.
9. Produce forms, manuals, programs, data files, and procedures for systems and applications.

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