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Solution Architect

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From the very beginning of the opportunity identification, the Solution Architect is working to assist our clients. You have a way with words and are able to easily relate your breadth and depth of knowledge in a way that clients relate to. You can assess a situation, develop a conceptual solution and present it in a way that inspires confidence, influences decisions and wins business.

As a Solution Architect you:
• Use you technical knowledge to assist in the development of business solutions that allow an organization to carry out its mandate and functional capabilities and that govern the organization’s actual and planned capabilities in terms of computers, data, information, human resources, communications, software and management responsibilities;
• Have an understanding of foundation technologies and how they fit together, their strengths and weaknesses and their impact and influence on business outcomes;
• Develop specifications that address the ‘where, how, and why’ various components fit together as they do and how these support the organization’s mandate;
• Easily relate to senior level business professionals and highly skilled technical professionals and can bridge the gap between the two.

As a member of the IT/net Management Consulting Practice you:
• Provide high quality consulting services to our clients;
• Participate in and contribute to the success of the practice area;
• Develop trusted and long lasting relationships with clients;
• Contribute to the sales process by attending meetings, participate in the RFP process and completing quality assurance reviews as requested;
• Collaborate with internal and external personnel to foster an environment of teamwork, information sharing and continuous improvement.

To be successful you require:
• A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Business Administration or a related Discipline;
• Demonstrated ongoing professional development activities;
• Relevant professional certifications;
• The ability to work as part of cross functional teams, develop professional standard reports, manage your time and contribute to the success of the organization ;
• A minimum of 10 years of similar experience;
• Current Canadian Government Secret Security Clearance.

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